Frustrated trying to find unique live entertainment to make your event memorable?

Always wanted to have a say as an audience member during a show? Sure, you could always hire a band. They might know some of the songs you want to hear, but they play what they rehearsed as a group. “Sorry we don’t know that one”: these are words you simply don’t want to hear! And, while DJs are great, and have every song on their laptops, they don’t bring a whole lot of interactivity to the table.

Interactive and Customizable Entertainment
Dueling Piano Kings will make your event a fantastic party, keeps your audience involved, and manages your event expenses. If you’re looking for event entertainment that truly gets everyone having a say in the show – including singing a song if they want – look no further than Dueling Piano Kings!

We’re Called the Kings for a Reason!

A premium class of live entertainment, the Dueling Piano Kings are exactly what you need to make your event one everybody will talk about for many years later. Here are just a few of the reasons to bring the Kings to your next event.

Meet Our Primary Piano Duelers

Pat McGannon

  • Has over 49 years’ experience playing the piano.

  • Influences include Queen, The Rolling Stones, and – of course – Led Zeppelin.

  • Player to the stars, including Tom Hanks, Glenn Frey, and even Bill Clinton!

Craig Learmont

  • Has been playing the piano for over 40 years at over 1000 shows.

  • Opened for Tim McGraw, Kenny Rogers, Gord Bamford, and more.

  • Loves playing everything from AC/DC to Adele – and even a bit of Katy Perry!

There’s enough to think about when planning an event – let us handle the entertainment! Bring the best interactive music experience to your next event, and call Dueling Piano Kings today.

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